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7th Australia-China Symposium in Education, Science and Technology (7th FOCSA Symposium)

Following the previous main symposiums of FOCSA (The Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia), the 7th Australia-China Symposium in Education, Science and Technology (7th FOCSA Symposium), well be held in Sydney, 28-30 November, aiming to bring together about 200 participants who are the executive officers, leading experts and scholars from both Australia and China. The aims of the Symposium are: 1) to further the bilateral understanding of some highly important issues in education, science and technology, concerning both countries, 2) to facilitate more fruitful collaboration and cooperation in all disciplines of science, technology and education between Australia and China, by providing a forum for exchange of ideas and networking among representatives from academia, research organizations, and governments, and 3) to report and review the latest developments and progresses in the areas of interest through the invited keynote addresses and selected presentations. The Symposium will also focus on some strategic topics of interest to both countries, such as future high education, science and technology without boarder, technology transfer, innovation in science and technology etc.  Please visit the conference website at  for further information.

Jiangsu Jiangyin will hold "智汇江阴“ in late August or early Septempber 2017,  to attract  overseas talents to initiate business ventures in China. Please visit the website at  for further information

From 27 – 30 November 2016, the Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers (QCASE) will host the inaugural Australia–China Science, Technology, Commercialisation and Innovation Forum in Brisbane. Bringing together over 200 government officials, senior executives, experts and scholars, the Forum will feature a series of keynote speeches and presentations covering critical issues of importance to both Australia and China. Please visit the conference website at for further information.

On February 2-6, 2017, the First Australia-China Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation (ACCSTI) will be held in Perth, hosted by the Western Australia Chinese Scientists Association (WACSA). Please follow the link to view the dedicated site for the conference:

On 9 May 2016, six members of FOCSA met a delegation of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology (SAST) in Sydney.

SAST Team: Ms. Hongming Li, Mr. Zufan Wang, Mr. Yong Fu, Mr. Chunmiao Li, Ms. Saiyang Wu, Ms. Yanhua Lin
FOCSA Team: Prof Lin Ye, Prof Jianguo Zhu, Dr Li Chang, Prof Zhaoyang Dong, Mrs Dr Yi Zeng, Dr Guandong Xu

The 2015 FOCSA Excellence Prize was awarded to Prof G. Q. Max Lu for his phenomenal research excellence, esteemed leadership in education and science, and outstanding services to profession and communities.

The 2015 FOCSA Committee Meeting was held on December 4th 2015 in Sydney.

Attendees: Prof Lin Ye (Chair), Mr JianGang Kang, Dr Yi Zeng, Prof Qinghua Qin, Prof Wei Zhang, Prof Guowei Ma, Dr Hua Guo, Dr Qingdong Qu, Dr ShuMei Fang, Dr Guandong Xu, Prof ShiSan Bao, Prof JianGuo Zhu, Dr Dan Li, Dr Li Chang, Prof Joe Dong, Prof Jin Zou