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China "Sichuan Earthquake Surviving Children's Education Fund"

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On the 12 May 2008 a devastating earthquake struck Sichuan Province in China and shocked the world. It has claimed the lives of close to 80,000 people, and millions have lost their homes. Beichuan County is one of the hardest hit regions near the epicentre.

Beichuan County is located in the northwest of Sichuan basin. It covers an area of 2868 square kilometres and is the only autonomous county of the Qiang ethnic group in China, with a Qiang population of 91,000. The town of Beichuan is surrounded by mountains and waterways, and is famous for its beautiful landscape. Beichuan is the home of a number of natural and historic sites with unique flora and fauna.

Over 80% of the buildings in Beichuan Town were completely demolished by this massive earthquake. Large landslides have destroyed the town beyond recognition. Estimates indicate that less than one third of the total town population have survived. As the earthquake occurred during school hours, many children have been killed. In Beichuan High School alone, about 1000 teachers and students were buried under the rubble. For those students who survived the earthquake, the future is painfully uncertain as many are now orphaned.

An orphan boy, He Lijun who lost both his parents is so traumatised and uncertain about his future. “The constant thought I have in my mind now is where and how I am going to continue my studies”, said Lijun. Many other children survivors are now displaced all over the country to be able to continue their schooling until their schools are rebuilt one day, which could take years. One particular moving episode during  the rescue effort, was when a little boy was being pulled out the rubble but his hands were caught up and had to be amputated. “Please try to save my right hand so that I can continue to write in school, please, please” the boy pleaded. Quite obviously, education is so critical to those surviving children who hope to have a better future.

To help the reconstruction effort of the collapsed schools in Sichuan and to help the surviving orphaned children to have a bright future through  education, FOCSA and Channel Nine Today have agreed to collaborate on the fundraising campaign for the China “Sichuan Earthquake Surviving Children’s Education Fund” which was established on May 14, 2008 by FOCSA.

Structure of the China "Sichuan Earthquake Surviving Children's Education Fund"

  1. Program: To raise funds to build a new school for 500 students, and to provide scholarships in supporting surviving children particularly those orphaned or handicapped to continue their schooling in Beichuan County.
  2. FOCSA will be the lead for this campaign and responsible for the fund management, coordinating with local authorities in China and reporting to donors. 
  3. Program Partnership: Channel Nine Today will support the fundraising campaign through its programs and other activities; and FOCSA will seek the cooperation of local education departments in Sichuan to commission the use of the funds raised to achieve its objectives, as well as follow up on progress. 
  4. Coordination: FOCSA and Channel Nine Today will set up a high level “Fund Steering Committee” to provide guidance to and scrutiny of the fund management and use. FOCSA has established a national coordination group to liaise with donors and manage the Fund.
  5. The fundraising and allocation processes will be completely transparent as the management group will report progress to the donors and the general public regularly through FOCSA’s website

Donation account:
Bank: National Australia Bank
Account Number: 75-314-7955
BSB: 084-130
Account Name: FOCSA-Sichuan Earthquake Appeal
All donations received will be acknowledged with receipt.

Dr. Ping Cao (NSW) 0408 636 010 (National Coordinator) 

Dr. Xun Luo (QLD) 0408 465 750

Dr. Tingsong Jiang (ACT) 0448 213 383

Dr. Yue Zhang (NT) 0401 118 319

Prof Yanchun Zhang (VIC) 0423 843 120

Dr. Wei Zhang(SA) 08-8204 5053

Prof Jie Pan (WA) 0435079719

About the receipt:

You can make your donation via EFT (electronic fund transfer) to the above account and send the evidence of EFT or notice to your point of contact via emails to arrange the receipt to be sent to your address.